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I designed this section specifically to answer some questions people often ask me before and during our lessons. Check it out, and you might find the information you need:
Do you charge a cancellation fee?
Does the student pay for petrol?
If I have an accident during a lesson, will it cost me?
No, the vehicle and the business are fully insured.
Can I use my own car for the lesson?
Yes, you can but this option is not available if you hold a Learner’s licence.
Can I use the instructor’s car for my driving test?
Yes, you can. This must be discussed with the instructor before you book the test.
Can the pick-up and drop off location be different?
Yes it can, this should be discussed with the instructor before the lesson.
When can I go for my Restricted License test?
In six months after you have passed your Learner’s test.
Do you have to have a Learner’s Licence to take driving lessons?
Yes, you do and you must have your licence with you each lesson.
Can I have just one lesson or do I have to book a certain amount of lessons?
No, you are not obliged to have any amount of lessons, you can have one or as many as you like.
Is it true that if I sit my Restricted Licence test in an automatic car I can legally drive automatic cars only?
Yes it is, this condition will be printed on the reverse side of your licence, however if you sit your test in a manual car you can legally drive both manual and automatic.
Can I sit my Full Licence test in an automatic car but still have a licence to drive both automatic and manual cars?
Yes you can, it does not matter which car you use for your Full Licence test. If you pass it, you will be issued with a Full Licence and condition “automatic only” will be removed from your licence.
I’ve had my licence for years, but still can’t do parallel parking, can I have a lesson just to learn this?
Yes, you can have just one lesson to master just one particular skill.
I’m a complete beginner, how many lessons do I need?
There is no certain answer to this, it depends on many factors. Usually we can cover the basics in about 10 lessons but, in my experience, you have to spend at least 50 hours behind the wheel under supervision to gain some confidence on the road. Latest research suggests that about 120 supervised driving hours will make you a reasonably safe driver. It does not have to be done with a professional instructor; a supervisor can be your friend or a relative as long as they have had their Full NZ Driving Licence for at least 2 years.
Still don't have answer to your question?

If you still don’t have an answer you are looking for, you are very welcome to ask any question. All you need to do is send us e-mail to or call on toll free number 0800 707 709 at any time.

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