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I am excited to introduce the comprehensive rewards programme as I do believe in rewarding people for their loyalty:
Auckland Driving Lessons / Prices / WOF That’s right! All you need to do to be in a draw to win Free WOF Test, is to take 5 lessons with Auckland Driving Lessons Company. Safety on the road is extremely important, and you are as safe as your car is. Every month happy winner will have an opportunity to take his or her car to a nearest testing station or workshop for comprehensive testing and certification.
Auckland Driving Lessons / Prices / AA Memborship
Have you ever been in a situation when something nasty happens to your car when you least expect it? Break down on a desert road, flat battery when you are in a hurry? But there is a way! Take 10 lessons with Auckland Driving Lessons Company, and you have a chance to win AA Membership for a year! If you already have one, you still can have it for your friend or the family member. *
* One to be won every three months
Is it too hard to believe? Yes, I know, it sounds like a dream. But you can win this dream for yourself. Why wait? Just take this unique opportunity, apply for 20 lessons with Auckland Driving Lessons Company and you are automatically in a draw to win amazing driving companion compact GARMIN GPS navigator . You will never feel alone in a car with this little gismo.**
** One to be won every six months
Auckland Driving Lessons / Prices / Car The time has come. Your driving test is about to begin but you don’t have a car, or don’t want to put it at risk just yet. Don’t worry, I’m so confident in what I’m doing, I can let you use my car for driving test! Book 30 lessons with Auckland Driving Lessons Company, and enjoy worries free driving test on fully fit and ensured car. And I will pay your driving test fees.
If you are still not impressed, you are really tough cookie! But wait... there is more deals to come. Check my Web site regularly to find new exciting deals and offers.

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