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Driving Lessons are usually structured according to NZ Driver Training Syllabus and are designed to introduce you to a new skill every lesson. I will guide you through the process, explain what is required from you, show you how to do it if needed, and practice it with you to make sure you fully understand it and can do it yourself. Then I expect you to practice the skill in your own time with your friend or relative. For every hour you spend with me I expect you to do your own practice for at least two hours. In this case you will be progressing reasonably fast towards our goal – for you to become a safe and skilful driver. Lack of your own practice will slow down the process. Either way I will do my best to ensure the best outcome every time. The lesson duration is one hour which includes around 10 minutes briefing, debriefing and questions time, 10 minutes theory and 40 minutes driving. Time frames are a guide only. I will pick you up and drop you off at your specified location.


Street Talk

If you hold a Restricted Licence you may be interested in the completion of the “Street Talk” course. This NZTA approved course will allow you to reduce your restricted stage term from 18 months to 12 months if you are under 25 years of age, or from 6 to 3 months if you are over 25 years of age. The course is comprised of four 2 hour class room sessions over a period of two weeks in a group environment. In the class we discuss safe driving habits, behaviour and attitude, hazard identification and correct responses and other related topics. After we complete the class room stage I will conduct an in-car training session with each participant individually. One hour training comprises the simulation of Full Licence Test and the assessment of your driving habits. As a participant who successfully completed both stages you will receive the certificate which you have to present to NZTA agent at the time of booking your Full Licence Test. You must hold the Restricted Licence for at least 6 months to be eligible to attend the course. The course is conducted once a month subject to NZTA requirement of minimum of 6 participants. Please note that this certificate may be quite useful in your CV as some employers are actually requesting it, especially if you are required to drive a business vehicle at work (e.g. all new Police recruits are required to have this certificate).


Get to know your car and more

This service is designed for anyone who would like to know more about their particular vehicle: how it may perform in the certain conditions, what is this thing on the dash board means, when and how to check and maintain oil and other fluids levels, what the tyres pressure should be, how do you go about the flat tyre ( hint-dial *222 from your mobile and AA roadside service officer will be with you within 15 minutes), what are the strengths and  the weaknesses of that particular model, where do you go for repairs etc. etc. I will give you the comprehensive answer and (or) training in any aspect of your vehicle basic maintenance and pre driving checks – just tell me what you would like to know. Prices vary from free advice through e-mail, to $50 per hour if I have to come to you to have a look at the car or give you some practical training.


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When I first meet the student, I usually ask him or her: "How do you know that I am a driving instructor?" ...Long pause... Then the answer is usually: “Well, you’ve got an ad on Trade Me (or other media)”. As we all know in any service industry there are “the good guys” and then there are” the others”. How do you know that the guy who is teaching you how to drive actually knows what he is doing and can do it legally? My advice is– always ask for credentials. In this case it is easy: all professional instructors have the letter “I” imprinted in their driver licences- right beside the vehicle classes they are allowed to teach. This is called “I” endorsement – in other words, the permit to teach driving to others, given to instructors by NZTA. The instructors can apply for 1 year or 5 years permit- so make sure you check the reverse side of the licence where the endorsement expiry date is printed. If everything is there – you are with a good guy, if not – then it is your choice....
The same goes with the other situations in our lives – would you like “the other“ guy who does not know what he is doing to change the cam belt on your vehicle, or would you prefer “the good guy” to do it?
Below, I would like to introduce you to some businesses and services that I dealt with in my 12 years in NZ - these are the good guys- ones that I can personally recommend as a group of highly-skilled professionals. (This is not a paid advertising).

We start with my colleague – a fine man and an outstanding driving instructor Philip McKnight – if you need  a driving training in a manual vehicle – he is the man I would go to first.
Phone: 09 8321737
Mobile: 021 2815277.

For just about any problems with your automobile go to Panmure Auto Electrical 2000 ltd - the good guys - Les and Wayne Valentin and their team will take a good care of your vehicle. Please note that they are the specialists in European vehicles and they really know what they are doing.
Phone: 09 5701617
Mobile: 0274 796133
Address: 107 Mountain Road, Panmure.

If you live in Manukau area - Wiri Automotive Electrical Ltd is a place to solve any electrical problems with your vehicle. From a small scooter to a big truck, forklift or a tractor - they will take care of it.
Phone: 09 2622660
Address: 121 Plunket Avenue, Wiri

Need a rental vehicle? No problem! Alternative Rental Cars have a reasonably priced fleet of reliable vehicles. Pete Smith is a professional Automotive Technician and a friendly owner of this business.
Phone: 09 3733822
Address: 115 Beach Road, CBD

Mag and Turbo Tyre and Service Centre network is a good place to go for all your automobile tyres, suspension and brakes needs, to find their location in Auckland visit their WEB-site.

If you are on the market for the good quality second hand vehicle – you may like to visit Ellis Utting Motors – Home Of Quality Cars.

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